5 Tips for a Healthier Body and Business

By: Angela McNally
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I know first-hand how being an entrepreneur can rule over all things in your life – including your health and wellness.

What you may not know is that having a healthy lifestyle can directly affect the health of your business. We all have work priorities that we are deeply passionate about, and we put all of our energy into them in order to see them succeed, but when you take the time to put yourself first – your business and your body will thank you. Taking care of yourself gives you the energy to focus on your business and a healthy self, equals a healthy work environment.

Here are my top 5 self-care tips to keep your business and body in line:

Start Your Day with a Power Smoothie

When you begin your day with a nutrient packed smoothie, your body thanks you for it because it starts your workday off with that added energy you need. For those of you that are coffee lovers, try switching it up with a green smoothie to help you add some alkalinity (an acid neutralizer) to your morning – which reduces stress, anxiety, indigestion, and headaches.

My favourite recipe:
½ cup frozen blueberries
handful of greens (I like baby kale)
1 tsp flax seed
¼ avocado or ½ a banana for creaminess
top with almond milk, a green juice or water
(feel free to add a scoop of your favourite protein powder!)
Blend and enjoy!

Schedule Everything – Including Your Health

Don’t be afraid to break out the Google calendar – not only for your work appointments, but to schedule your health too! If it’s not scheduled, it probably won’t get done. So put yourself first by adding in your workouts, grocery shopping trips, and even daily meditations to your calendar!

Don’t Forget to Breathe

Although it’s incredibly rewarding, entrepreneurship can be stressful at times. When you find yourself attached to your computer for hours on end, make a conscious note of it and take a step back.

We are overly stimulated all day long with lights, rings, and beeps of technology. Shut down for 10 minutes and just breathe! Focusing on nothing but your breath is incredibly relaxing, it also helps you refocus and is a great way to come back refocused.

Try taking 4 quick short breaths in through the nose, followed by one long exhale out of the mouth. Repeat this until you can feel yourself unwinding. You deserve it!

Take 5

Sometimes I feel like I am so wrapped up in what I am working on in that moment that I forget to do anything else. Taking 5 minutes away brings me back to life and keeps me balanced. Even if it’s just too tidy of my home office or organize my desk.

Schedule Offline Time

For us modern-day business owners, this is a tough one. But do you remember the days when you would bust out your favourite notebook and pen to creatively brainstorm and express yourself? What about the art of a handwritten thank-you card to a colleague or client? Sometimes, communicating offline will produce amazing new ideas and authentic moments. Who knows what could happen without the constant distraction of emails! Give it a try!

Angela McNally is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant from Toronto, ON. She loves teaching businesses to include health and wellness into their everyday practices and marketing messages. You can learn more at www.AngelaMcNallyWellness.com. Angela is also the founder of Eating Pretty Nutrition (www.eatingpretty.com) and the chair of the Movember Committee in Toronto, ON.

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