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Canadian Business Spotlight Takes an In-Depth Look at Facilities Management, Finance, Insurance, and the Medical Field with Leading Experts

Canadian Business Spotlight series wants to know: What’s on your weekend to-watch list? The award-winning crew is back, digging deep to bring viewers behind-the-scenes interviews exploring some of Canada’s most forward-thinking organizations. Canadian Business Spotlight offers a succinct, informative package, keeping viewers in-the-know without taking up their whole day.

The show begins with an intimate look at Ontario-based pharmaceutical company, Takeda Canada Inc. Featured guests Dr. Brad Pamenter, VP of Medical & Scientific Affairs, and Mike Egli, President & CEO, discuss the realities that face the industry today. Specific focus is given to Takeda’s rich Japanese heritage, as well as the company’s work in Canada and the latest research that will ultimately benefit patients.

Departing from the previous segments’ themes, the CBS team pays a visit to Jay Woo, the President and CEO of CAA South Central Ontario. Our correspondent acknowledge the legacy and utility of the company’s preeminent service – roadside assistance, while exploring some new features made available to the association’s millions of loyal members. Particular focus is given to the growing prevalence of mobile technology in Canadian’s lives. Not surprisingly, CAA is implementing apps & new services to better connect their members to the services they may need, as well as rewards for customer loyalty. Woo says: “We’re using technology: not just for the sake of technology, but using it to make the lives of our members better,” concludes Jay Woo.

Next, PowerShares Canada takes an in-depth look at smart beta exchange-traded funds. The segment explores how financial advisors use smart beta exchange-traded funds to optimize investment performance while retaining the benefits of traditional indices. This fast-paced interview seemingly caters exclusively to experienced investment professionals, but our correspondent is sure to ask the probing questions that enable even the novice to glean valuable information about solidifying their personal wealth.

Growth is a theme when our team pays a visit to Sodexo Canada, to see its President Barry Telford, and Senior VP of Human Resources Vanessa White take us beyond the company’s most familiar service: food & beverage. Sodexo isn’t just found in the cafeterias of our universities and offices, they’re providing integrated, quality of life services to clients from a wide variety of business sectors from factories to hospitals. The latter part of this segment features Vanessa discussing a day-in-the-life of an employee, and how they’re able to provide such a wide scope of vital services to their clients. White says it best, “When our employees are happy and engaged, it really makes a difference to the consumers that we serve every single day.”

Ending with the theme of promising medical advances, CBS covers an all-new innovative approach to pain management. Via an in-depth personal story, we educate Canadians about the high cost of chronic pain for the individual, their employers, and the population as a whole. With the Baxter elastomeric device, there is a new hope for people living with chronic pain, and there is an added bonus in its cost of treatment. Dr. Brenda Lau of CHANGEpain delivers her expert point of view on these new treatments, while Suzanne Andersons shares her own triumph over her debilitating pain.

Throughout this episode of Spotlight, you’ll hear from Sara Kopamees, Editor in Chief of Industry Media/Canadian Industry Online as she shares the latest trends and tips in Canada’s business arena. Industry Media is an interactive publishing company and the producers of Canadian Industry Online (CIO).

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The National Launch of Canadian Business Spotlight with Kate Gajdosik
North American producers, CEG Inc., today announced the premiere season launch of Canadian Business Spotlight, which is hosted by award-winning broadcast journalist, Kate Gajdosik. The national broadcast and digital series features commentary from top industry leaders along with in-depth reporting from field correspondents Hal Roberts and Cindy Burgess. “We’ve being travelling across Canada in search of leading and emerging corporations, as well as innovative products and services,” said Patricia Elliott-Sayer, President of CEG.  “Spotlight is proud to bring a unique perspective while making every story easily accessibly online at”

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This issue, CIO also presents behind-the-scenes highlights of guest companies from the launch episode of Canadian Business Spotlight, in conjunction with partner CEG. Appearing in the 2014 upcoming program: Vanguard Investments Canada, the Appraisal Institute of Canada, Moneris Solutions, Delta Hotels and Resorts, The Source, and Merrit Capital Corp. The Spotlight producers say “there is much more to come from these and other experts in Canada’s business community.”

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CIO takes an inside look this month at partner CEG’s production of its new series, Canadian Business Spotlight, in 2014. Already in production with the first season, the Canadian Business Spotlight team has announced the upcoming topics for its launch episode: Exchange Traded Funds, Travel Accommodations, Credit Card Processing, Property Appraisals, Electronics Retail and Equipment Financing. The Spotlight producers say “this series will certainly be the show to watch for all things business with interesting viewpoints and spins, always landing outside the box.”

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Within the parameters of the partnership, CIO and CEG will mutually promote Canadian Business Spotlight content, and by doing so, increase visibility for Canadian businesses on issues, topics and current industry trends. “We are very pleased to be partnering with CIO and the Industry Media team on this new business programming venture,” said Patricia Elliott Sayer, President of CEG. “Through our Canadian Business Spotlight series and platform we will continue to engage audiences with key content concerning Canadian businesses—with the help of industry experts and our key partners and program hosts.” “This is an exciting new project for CEG as well as Canadian Industry, we are looking forward to a fulfilling partnership with Canadian Business Spotlight,” commented Sara Kopamees, Chief Editor for Canadian Industry.


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