Discovering the Advantages of Supported Employment Programs

As workplaces across Canada begin to open back up, many employers (and potential employees) may be looking for new ways to find the right fit, and explore new opportunities.

Enter: supported employment. These programs exist under the core belief that everyone that wants paid employment can attain it. Supported Employment service providers are specialists in disability and inclusion, and their focus on matching the right individual to the right position can result in a unanimous win-win by finding and nourishing that ideal talent match that may not have otherwise occurred

According to Joanna Goode, Executive Director of the Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE), “Employers haven’t traditionally looked to job-seekers with disabilities…” However, organisations like hers have been working hard to dispel the misconceptions about cost or training barriers, and many employers are discovering the value of this hitherto untapped source of skillful employees, providing diverse points of view… and benefiting their bottom line.

There’s very little downside in exploring these opportunities, and there are several programs in place to fit employers and employees of varying needs. The MentorAbility Canada Initiative is one such program, and is positioned as a great introductory point for those looking to try supported employment programs via short-term mentorship work relationships

At its heart, these programs are about making the right match. Joanna summarises: “Finding the right match is critical. This isn’t about doing something because it feels good… it’s about getting the right talent that companies are looking for in the seats so that they can do good work, and that can only happen when there’s a good match”

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